I Believe

I believe God created me for a purpose in life. Although I am still finding my purpose, I believe this. He has a plan for everyone. I believe nature is God’s creation. I love going to sleep to the sound of crickets or the pitter-patter of the the rain on my tent. I love waking … More I Believe

Nature’s Calling

post 7.1.18 I am currently writing this post from Big Tree Lodge (where they actually have wifi that works) in Yosemite National Park. Tomorrow I am visiting and hiking around Sequoia National Park before driving down to Disneyland! These last few days in the outdoors–hiking, biking, swimming, relaxing– have been absolutely breath taking. The views … More Nature’s Calling

Busy Summer

My summer has been quite busy and I have had little down time. This post is not to excuse me for not meeting deadlines if I have done so, but to just let you guys know what a cool summer it has been. June 4th-end of summer–I am an intern within WCPO Channel 9’s Career … More Busy Summer

Running on Fumes

A documentation of a crazy, difficult, and fun three days. Thursday, April 26, 2018 8:11 a.m. I wake up energized having a good night’s sleep for once in a while. 8:25 a.m. I get out of the shower and feeling refreshed. I have a big day ahead of me. 8:59 a.m. My mom and I are at the … More Running on Fumes

Quiz Time!

I am a low-budget blogger so I cannot embed a quiz into my post (I don’t have premium). So lame right? I created via QuizYourFriends.com and decided to just copy and paste ‘er in. Here it is… Jacob’s Quiz (click here).  

Blank Title

As I lay in bed this is what is in my head: my brain is fried, and I wish to be on the ocean side. Spring break is soon––lazy after noons are soon. Opening Day is less than two weeks away meaning baseball is back for the dog days. The marathon of the school year … More Blank Title