New Music Friday!!!

I don’t even know where to start. Tomorrow is going to be such a blessing. Not only is it Friday, but so much music is being released! Grace Vanderwaal, winner of America’s Got Talent, is releasing her first album since her EP last year, Perfectly Imperfect. Her new album, Just The Beginning should be awesome. I have listened to … More New Music Friday!!!

Homecoming Weekend What?

What is up with Homecoming weekend? Mariemont Homecoming has a tradition of taking photos before the dance at a place so-called “The Concourse”. It is a nice place for photos because of the ivory, overlook, and “all natural” setting. However, freshman year it was raining before dinner, so pictures were at the Mariemont Community Church. … More Homecoming Weekend What?

THE Cincinnati Bungles

You can say whatever about the Bengals, but it is simple we cannot go from mediocre to amazing in one season. After losing in heartbreaking fashion, many Bengals fans including myself were hoping for another shot at the playoffs in 2016. Sadly, that never happened. A 6-9-1 Cincinnati team underperformed. You could blame the kicking, … More THE Cincinnati Bungles